Sunday, March 15, 2009


Anthology features two stories from Alexis Anthony
The Jewel of Herculaneum - Alexis Anthony
A Jewel from the past comes to the present.
Lola - Alexi Anthony
A new twist to an old song.
Stone Cold Desire - Mark Alders
When true love is worth any price, even an eternity in stone.

Battle in the Bedchamber - Jojo Brown
Domination has purpose and winning this battle will leave a man dry.

A Living Forest - Paula Calloway
Immortality bargains with Death for love’s heart.

The Necklace - Kira Chase
Can a necklace change one's destiny? When Jordan finds a long lost necklace from her late grandmother, her life takes a new and unexpected turn.

Behind the Jade Tiger - Christie Gordon
What truth lies beneath a restless blanket of dreams?

Terra Form - Viola Grace
There is more than one way to give life.

Mystical Passions - Stephani Hecht
After a lifetime of being separated from her own kind, Korin encounters a handsome, mysterious male who holds the key to unlock her past and her passion.

Mystical Rapture - Stephani Hecht
Branded a traitor by elven brethren, Devin decided there is no such thing as a Happily Ever After, until he stumbles across a beautiful female who ignites an undeniable passion.

Phantom Persuasion - Celia Jade
Is there a connection between a string of mysterious letters in Brigit’s apartment and the sensual man paying her very erotic visits in her dreams?

The Pirate and the Mermaid - Marc Jarrod
The gift from the sea is more than what you see.

Banished - A.J. Llewellyn
Hawaiian kahuna Mahini is banished for violating huna law. Can he find a new life, even love on a remote volcanic island or only death?

Hula - A.J. Llewellyn
Is love really like a hula dance? Can Mingo McCloud win back his cheating lover Kaolin or have they made too many missteps?

Disciplining Baron - D.J. Manly
A little naughty is a lot of nice, but the question is just who is naughty and who is nice.

Green Eyes - D.J. Manly
The eyes tell all and then some because it’s all in the eyes.

A Stone’s Throw: Emma - C.R. Moss
Her friend gone, her grief strong, Emma enters a boutique to find comfort and gets a deal of a lifetime.

Perfect Vessel - Tierney O’Malley
Jade is at the end of her rope, but the only lifeline in sight is from Kyr, a handsome green alien offering a proposal so wicked and indecent it’s hard to ignore.

Clancy’s Irish Dream - Evelyn Star
Pistachio ice cream isn’t the only green thing in the freezer.

Department Nine - Jen Suits
Getting picked up can be a little more than expected.

Slave for Sex - Laura Tolomei
Rydan’s dead lover returns as a green faerie, seducing him into passionate sex and submission, but will he trust her enough to change his destiny?

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